vacanciesMasreya Media Dubbing Department is hiring!

Head of IT and Materials

Reports to: General Manager

Company Context

Masreya Media provides Arabic localisation services (such as dubbing and subtitling) for the entertainment industry around the world. Our Mohandessin office houses 45-50 staff.


The candidate for this job should have excellent management and people’s skills, an ability to manage a team of 4 efficiently and inclusively, and a vision on how to employ technological solutions to meet the Company’s increasingly developing requirements. Knowledge of video and audio formats is essential for this hands-on role.

Summary of role

 Monitor and maintain computer systems and networks
 Implement security measures as per clients’ requirements
 Ensure all material, source and deliverables, are in order and on time
 Continuously develop processes that would help in cost savings and technical development of the Company

Tasks and Responsibilities

1- IT and Networking
 Maintaining, developing and improving the Company’s network and ensuring all office computers are working seamlessly
 Assessing and managing storage requirements
 Creating and maintaining access rights to each member of staff
 Attending to all problems related to server, emails, internet connection, etc (Helpdesk)
 Monitoring the office’s Internet speed and capacity and anticipate expansion according to Company needs
 Keeping reliable back-ups and organizing them in a user-friendly way
 Ensure that all internet and internal security standards requested by clients are in place
 Technical training and induction to new staff

2- Material
 Quick and efficient download of all source materials in any format from clients
 Keeping and updating a log with all downloads/uploads from and to clients by file name, date, file format and any other information needed
 Checking that material received from client is free from errors and complete
 Converting client source material to a workable format, if and when needed
 Regular check of destination folders for unannounced uploads by clients
 Organising all client material in folders and maintaining secure archives
 Maintaining seamless and prompt workflow of material to concerned parties with clear labeling
 Checking that deliverables to client are complete and named correctly before uploading to clients
 Ensure clients guidelines/specifications, requests and dates (as per schedule) are meticulously followed
 Sending notification of uploads to clients according to the Company’s notification format
 Ensure that clients receive files on due date at a reasonable hour

Education and Experience

 Excellent written and spoken English
 Good knowledge of networking
 Experience of installing and configuring computer hardware and software (Both PC and Mac)
 Experience in video and audio formats

Key Competencies

 Discretion
 Time management and ability to prioritize
 Critical thinking and problem solving skills
 Ability to work as part of a team
 Adaptability
 Organisational skills
 Ability to work under pressure and long hours

We are always looking for:

• Subtitlers (English <> Arabic; English <> French; French <> Arabic; English and/or Arabic <> Spanish; English and/or Arabic to German; English and/or Arabic <> Italian; English and/or Arabic to Farsi)
• Translators (English <> Arabic; English <> French; French <> Arabic; English and/or Arabic <> Spanish; English and/or Arabic to German; English and/or Arabic <> Italian; English and/or Arabic to Farsi)
•Translators <>Asian languages – high priority
• Dubbing & voice-over artists, lyricists, script adaptors and producers
If you have acting, voice-over or singing talent, contact us to sign up for our next casting session
• Arabic language checkers
Responsible for revising and editing translations and subtitles. Must be native speaker of Arabic with a degree in Arabic language or translation-related field. Experience as a language checker or editor preferred.
• Typesetters (Proficient in Indesign. Must work with Mac. Accuracy and quality are paramount)

Send your CV to and include the job title in the subject line.