Masreya Media provides subtitling to high profile broadcast and corporate clients. We handle a wide variety of material in all genres including movies, TV series, reality shows, documentaries, sports programmes, corporate programmes and advertising.
We offer subtitling to and from English, Arabic, French, Farsi and German and can also provide dual-language subtitling in any combination of these languages.
Masreya Media uses a wide variety of subtitling software which is maintained by specialist technicians. We can output all the common broadcast subtitling formats for both PAL and NTSC (PAC, TXT, .o32, STL, TELETEXT), and we also provide burning-in services on Digital Betacam tape, DVD and tapeless media in both broadcast and non-broadcast quality.
Our team of in-house and freelance subtitlers is a great asset to the company. They provide high quality subtitling with time-coding, editing, proofreading and running final checks on files to be sent to clients. They also assist in training less experienced subtitlers and those new to the profession who wish to join our team.
These efforts are supported by our QC specialists who provide feedback to translators and subtitlers to ensure they maintain their standards. They assess not only the translators and subtitlers’ quality and style on an ongoing basis but also their compliance with client-specific requirements.